VBA Programs / Macros (just Excel for now)

I always enjoyed working with spreadsheets and exploring the limits of their possibilities. First with VisiCalc, SuperCalc and Lotus, later with Excel.

Over the years I wrote several routines to simplify or automate jobs that were done manually. I guess I sort of developed some keen eye for what could be done in less time or with less effort spending some time programming.

Many routines I have written at the office I cannot put on this site for downloading, as they are the property of my employers. Some others I wrote for fun only and will be put here to download for free. Most of them are very 'unpolished' and were written just to explore the possibilities of the VBA language.

All code is free for the downloader to use, but without any guarantee!

Choose one of the programs from the menu at the left of the screen

As I said, there is no guarantee that these programs serve any purpose, they are here just for fun or to study. Feel free to send suggestions or questions to me, I'll always try to respond.

You can get in touch with me from this page.