This is the oficial homepage of HN-Print, a utility to print on Windows printers from DOS programs.


HN-Edit startup screen HN-Print started from a necessity to print on a modern USB printer from a legacy DOS program. The decades-old (but still working fine) application could send its output to LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, even to serial ports COM1 to COM4 or a file. But it simply wouldn't understand USB ports. Nothing to be surprised about, since at the time the application was written, USB didn't exist so DOS could never know about it.

There are some solutions available, like a known trick to redirect LPTx via the command-line:

"NET USE LPTx \\your_computer_name\your_shared_printer"

but that has some limitations, like needing to be on a network or connected to the internet (to have TCP/IP running), and it wouldn't format my output, since the new printer didn't understand the printercodes for character-pitch, bold and underlined printing, etc.

Then there are the comercial solutions, but none of them were satisfactory. I needed at least two different setups: one for simple listings of data, another for better quality printing of invoices etc., and without changing configurations in between.

So I decided to write my own utility...


With HN-Print you can:

(*) Configurable per printer

Current status

HN-Print is still in development and currently in beta-status. You can download a trial version which will print a large banner over all pages.

If you're interested, you can become one of the beta-testers. It is currently a very stable product so you don't have to be afraid! :-) You can get in touch with me from this page.