Hex-Ed, the freeware hex editor

This page is for the original Windows version of Hex-Ed, the freeware hex editor.

If you're looking for the new free, open-source, version of Hex-Ed called nHex-Ed, you can find it here.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia Hex-Ed has been last reviewed by SoftPedia on October 5th, 2009 and was granted the "100% CLEAN Award".

See the review page to read what they have to say about Hex-Ed.


Hex-Ed started its life some decades ago, as a BASIC program compiled in BASCOM under CP/M.

I originally wrote it to modify programs I wrote in assembler. At that time processors were simpler and I could assemble and disassemble code reading the bytes...

I re-wrote the original program in C for DOS later and then again in Visual C for Windows, first 16 bits and later 32 bits. The version that is available for download here, free for you to use as you please, was written in 2004. I only updated the included "ReadMe.txt" to show my current e-mail address and homepage.

Although this little (about 80K !) program is now several decades old, it is still being downloaded several times a day from this site :-) I know I always say this, but... whenever I have some spare time, I might implement some new features that have been requested over the years.

Here you can see a screenshot of Hex-Ed editing itself:


You can download Hex-Ed 1.01.04 here.

Hex-Ed has found its way to several download sites around the world and has been downloaded thousands of times (from Softpedia alone more than a thousand copies). Here are a few examples of sites that offer Hex-Ed:

Feel free to contact me with suggestions or requests, I always try to respond. You can get in touch with me from this page.