How it all started

I was not supposed to end up in the computer business - it was just a misfortune. :-)

In the late 70's / early 80's, after playing around with programmable calculators like the Texas Instruments TI 58 and the HP 41c, I got interested in the new, booming 'home-computer' business. I did some odd jobs to gather some money and buy myself my first computer.

trs-80 I liked the Tandy / Radio Shack TRS-80 the most as it was affordable and at the time they had one in every Tandy shop in the Netherlands. I was having some programming classes at school, so I could show off at the local store, where the manager didn't mind having me mess around, as I was the only one capable of doing something useful with these boxes he was trying to sell.

I ended up buying a Model I (it did not have this name at the time) with Level I Basic and 4K (yes, that's K, not M or G) of Random Access Memory (RAM). I later expanded this computer with Basic Level 2, 16K of RAM (original from Tandy / Radio Shack), then 48K inside the 'keyboard' (not so original), a speed-up hack, a faster (1500 BAUD instead of 500 BAUD) cassette I/O, a switch to still use Level I, and other things.

When I entered the "Micro+Boek" adventure, I received a full-blown TRS-80 with the Expansion Interface, 48K of RAM, two 80K (!!) floppy disk drives and a printer and sold my original Model I to a friend. With my new equipment I was able to program the financial system on a (for modern standards) very limited computer. Later on I switched to the Model III and then to the Model 4p.

My original first computer

Many years later, I managed to buy my first Model I back from my friend and it is still in my possesion, although not in a working condition. I have no monitor for it and the power supply is 220v from the Netherlands, while we have 127v here in Rio. Here you can see some pictures from the unit, including a peek inside:

TRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model ITRS-80 Model I

I also still have the Model 4p and it is working fine! The 5.25" drives are getting old and I only switch the machine on once in a while for sentimental reasons.


NewDos/80 Nowadays, I prefer to use my xtrs emulator. I run this emulator on my Slackware box. For those interested, I created an easy to install Slackware package for the xtrs emulator, that can be downloaded here. I use the emulator mostly to run some old applications and games.
Dancing Demon On the left you can see the famous "Dancing Demon" program created by Leo Christopherson.

update There is a new emulator for Linux systems, called sdltrs. It uses the sdl library and gives some new options to change disks, cassettes etc. while running the emulator. Packages for Slackware can be downloaded from here.

Old software

I have several DVDs loaded with older software, mostly floppies I converted and things I found on the internet over the years. It is not very well organized, but if there's anything specific you're looking for, send me a message and I'll try to find it.
I do have most operating systems that were available for the TRS-80 series (like NEWDOS, LDOS, TRS-DOS, etc.) and lots of games, from the simple but classic "Galaxy Invasion" and "Robot Attack" to the more sofisticated ones.