My pages wouldn't be complete without talking about the National Geographic Magazine...

I'm not sure when this all started, but for many years I have been collecting the National Geographic Magazine.

At some moments in time this collection had some 'boosts' from trips to the United States. I remember one trip (where I apparently had some spare time) visiting several used-book-stores looking for older issues. Returning to the Netherlands (where I lived at the time) the check-in clerk at the airport must have hated me for checking in several bags with the maximum weight, filled with magazines.

My collection

National Geographic Over the years I have been able to compose a nice collection. It is (of course) still incomplete and probably will be forever, but it takes up quite some space on the shelves. :-) The oldest issue I have is from 1917 which can be seen on the right.

My subscription is on-going and I hope to have some time and resources to get more older issues...

Click here to see which issues I already have.

Whenever I find some time, I might put some more information here. For now, just check the links here.