Welcome to my little corner on the internet!

Here you can find information about several programs I have written in the past, a collection of packages and other information for Slackware and some other random things.

TRS-80 Wiki closed
TRS-80 I closed the TRS-80 Wiki. There was more spam than there were contributions and I don't have the time to play moderator deleting all the junk. If someone wants to take over the wiki, I have all the contents saved here. Just leave me a note.

Looking for Hex Ed?
Hex Ed thumb Hex-Ed, the freeware hex editor, is still available for download.
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Check out my Slackware packages
Slackware You can find several packages I built for Slackware here. There are packages for emulators, Lego software, monitoring systems, etc.

SuDoKu solver
If you're looking for the Excel VBA macro I wrote to solve SuDoKu puzzles a couple of years ago (and has never failed to do so!), you can find it here.

WordPressI also maintain a blog, with Random thoughts, tips & tricks about Slackware-Linux, Lego and Star Wars. You can access it through this link.

You can get in touch with me from this page.